• Email : grupodizmar@grupodizmar.com
  • Teléfono : +34 986 33 18 70



Highly qualified and specialized professionals, trained to solve any kind of construction project.

Engineering and Calculation

We serve our customers using the appropriate tools for each type of project


Our extensive facilities are equipped with specialized machinery for products we manufacture.


We have specialized teams for each type of structure, with specialized training for each type of work both technical, safety and hygiene at work.

Project Optimization

We value and optimize the costs of implementing the projects of our customers using appropriate tools for each type of work.


Planning, modification, construction progress control, quality control, etc …

Maintenance and Aftermarket

We provide our customers the means and resources needed for a perfect maintenance of the executed facilities and subsequent amendments, additions and/or adjustments to the implementation of the production process.


At GRUPO DIZMAR we are committed to our customers

Talleres Dizmar
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